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The Sh-Wipe™ by COMSENTECH is a terry cloth bonnet that keeps your floors clean and sanitary.

Sh-Wipe™ Terry Cloth Bonnets

Bonnets for the Sh-Mop™ by COMSENTECH are now STRONGER since they are made using our SH-WEAVE™ technology combing polyester yarn for the ground yarns and heavy cotton loop. The elastic border of the Sh-Wipe™ terry cloth cover allows the bonnet to be easily fitted over the Sh-Mop™ base.


Sh-Wipe 4-Pack

The Sh-Wipe™ is NOT 100% cotton for the following reason:

  • The ground yarns of terry cloth fabrics are the threads that DO NOT form the loops. These yarns are the strength of the fabric, and for this reason, ComSenTech has the terry cloth woven with stronger polyester yarns for the ground yarn. The loops, however, are cotton and provide the desired cleaning properties so you get the "best of both." Comsentech continues to evaluate our products with the goal of providing our customers with the highest quality products. Customer feedback has been an important link in this process, and we love to hear from you and promise to listen to your suggestions.

Benefits of the Sh-Wipe™

This terry cloth bonnet is far more superior to any other mop cover available. It is absorbent, durable, and ideally suited for hardwood, tile, marble, laminate, and vinyl floors. Our Sh-Wipe™ is not a disposal product, rather washable and reusable. It's like having a new mop every time you clean. The Sh-Wipe™ can be used for damp mopping or, it can be left dry for dusting.

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