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Sh-Micro™ Wet or Dry

The Sh-Micro Wet or Dry bonnet by COMSENTECH, is made to be used wet or dry for both cleaning and dusting.
The Sh-Micro is designed similar to the original Sh-Wipe with an elastic border for easy on and off.

The microfiber fabric, used for the construction of the Sh-Micro bonnet, incorporates specially selected yarns that allow the bonnet to glide easily on the floor when used wet or dry. This same material is used to make the hospital sanitation pad style mops.

Microfiber is unique in that it can effectively clean a surface without the need to use chemical cleaners. If you prefer to use cleaners with the Sh-mop, we recommend using a hardwood floor cleaner since most brands have now been formulated as a spray-on product for use with Sh-Mop style cloth mops.

Sh-Micro 2.0™

Sh-Micro 2.0 is our newest product and will be available in November 2013. The Sh-Micro 2.0 is a two-sided dusting bonnet that is ideally suited for dry dusting.   

Both sides are soft "terry style" microfiber. The bonnet can be used wet or dry.   

It should be mentioned that the bonnet will have more friction when used wet but the cleaning result is excellent.   

When used dry it will glide effortlessly on the floor. You might consider our original Sh-Micro bonnet if you are going to use your Sh-Mop primarily for wet mopping.  

The original Sh-Wipe cotton terry cloth bonnet is also excellent for damp mopping. 

Sh-Duster™ Synthetic

The Sh-Duster Synthetic is a commercial-style dusting pad that is designed to fit over the Sh-Mop swivel base using pockets on the backside.  

The synthetic yarn will attract and hold the dust so mop treatments are not required.  

The Sh-Duster head can be laundered.  

For best results and to prevent damage to the synthetic materials a low heat setting on the dryer is preferred.   

The duster does not hold water so drying time is very short.   

If you prefer to use a cotton dustmop and dustmop treatments see our sh-duster cotton.

Sh-Duster™ Cotton

The Sh-Duster Cotton yarn duster is also designed with the easy attachment pockets on the back of the dusting pad.  

This commercial-style dusting pad is made using heavy cotton yarn for the loops.   

It is ideally suited to be used with dust mop treatments and is preferred by many cleaning professionals.   

Before using any cleaning or dusting product on your floor, you should always contact the floor (or floor finish) manufacturer to ensure that the recommended product is used.

Sh-Mop™ Deluxe Handle 

The Sh-Mop Deluxe handle is a one-piece anodized aluminum handle.  

The nylon male thread connector, riveted to the aluminum handle, uses the American standard thread so it can be used on any standard device.  

The handle is finished with a soft vinyl comfort grip. The handle is built to last and is far superior to the standard handles used on most mops and brooms.

The overall length of the handle is 47 inches.  

If you prefer a telescoping handle refer the Sh-Mop telescoping handle.   

Sh-Mop™ Telescoping Handle

The Sh-Mop Telescoping handle uses the same high-quality anodized aluminum used in the Deluxe handle, but incorporates a twist lock device to allow for the 2-piece handle to adjust from 32 inches to 50 inches.  

The male fastener is the same nylon fastener used in our Deluxe handle. 

Sh-Scoop La Poop 

The Sh-Scoop La Poop (undergoing design improvements) is a unique yard scoop that is designed to use plastic grocery bags.  

The scoop and the handle are attached using a unique handle ring that holds the bag in place and allows for a “no-touch” removal of the bag once filled.  

The product is being redesigned to incorporate our anodized aluminum handle. Comsentech will advise when the product is ready for release.