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Real Home Page of the Sh-Mop

The Easy Way To Sh-Mop A Shine!™

Step 1: Moisten the clean Sh-Wipe/Sh-Micro with water from your faucet and wring out excess water (just like you would a wash cloth)

  • The Sh-Mop will glide easily on the floor if it is sufficiently moistened.
  • NOTE: Do not use water on waxed floors
  • Use minimum water on urethane sealed wood floors

Step 2: Place the Sh-Wipe/Sh-Micro on the Sh-mop by stretching the elastic over the edges of the base.

Step 3: Spray the Sh-wipe with a spray-on floor cleaner which is formulated for use without dilution.

  • For convenience, the cleaner should be applied with a standard trigger type sprayer (commonly found on window cleaner).  Follow manufacturer's instructions for use and dilution

Step 4: Mop floor until the Sh-Wipe/Sh-Micro is completely soiled.

  • The Sh-Mop is made with a new swivel design so it is very easy to maneuver.  Sh-Mop, with its thin profile, will reach areas not accessible by other mops (under furniture, doors and cabinets).

Step 5: When soiled, remove the Sh-Wipe/Sh-Micro and place aside for washing.

Step 6:  Repeat Steps 1 thru 5 until the entire area has been mopped.

  • A small area requires 1 or 2 Sh-Wipes/Sh-Micros.  A larger Area may require more Sh-Wipes/Sh-Micros (depending on the cleanliness of the floor before mopping).

Care and Washing Instructions

  • After you have finished mopping your floor, the SH-Wipes and Sh-Micros bonnets can be machine washed and dried. (If the bonnets are discolored, a NON-chlorine bleach can be used.) DO NOT USE CHLORINE BLEACH! Use of bleach greatly reduces the durability and longevity of the elastic and yarn.
  • New Sh-Wipes/Sh-Micros should be washed before using. They are designed to shrink to proper fit.
  • Bonnets should be laundered shortly after each use to prevent the growth of microbial contaminants.  Unlaundered bonnets will grow mold and mildew and become discolored.


Sh-Scoop La Poop™  Instructions

1.  Place the scoop section of the Sh-Scoop La Poop into a plastic bag sufficiently large enough to hold the scoop (ideally you should use the plastic grocery bags)

2.  Fold the top of the bag into the hole of the scoop (the round neck should be facing up towards you)

3.  Place the handle ring over the round neck of the scoop (making sure the plastic bag is captured between the scoop and the handle ring)

4.  Push the bag back through the scoop (which places the bag over the scoop and through the scoop to the back)

5.  Using the scraper, push the waste into the scoop

6.  When finished picking up the waste, you can release the handle ring from the scoop and tie the bag handles together

7.  Properly dispose of the waste

Look at the photos provided for illustration of the procedure.