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 Comsentech, Inc is proud to introduce you to our line of Sh- ™ products


The Sh-Mop by COMSENTECH gives you a superior clean that a typical mop cannot. Our terry cloth mop has the perfect design for a better clean, even in hard-to-reach places.  The Sh-Mop is now the preferred mop for many of the national home cleaning professionals.

Sh-Wipe™ Terry Cloth Bonnet

The Sh-Mop would be out of luck without the terry cloth bonnet. This terry cloth is designed to soak up the biggest messes without leaving anything behind.  The bonnets are then laundered to provide a fresh sanitary bonnet for future use. 


Sh-Micro™ Wet or Dry Bonnet

The Sh-Micro is a microfiber bonnet specially designed to be used either wet or dry for both cleaning and dusting.  It is made from the same microfiber material used in hospitals for floor sanitation.  We now have 2 styles to meet your needs:  Sh-Micro Wet/Dry designed to be used damp or dry and our newest product Sh-Micro 2.0 which is a 2-sided microfiber bonnet specifically designed to be used as a dry duster.


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About Us

COMSENTECH of Lake Charles, Louisiana, created, manufactures, and sells the original Sh-Mop™ for commercial and residential flooring. Whether you are a professional maid service, a flooring retailer, or just someone who enjoys cleanliness, the Sh-Mop™ is perfect for you.

Our mission at Sh-Mop™ by COMSENTECH is to help clean up the mess, without producing additional problems for our customer's health and the earth. The fact that the bonnets are washable dramatically reduces the contritbution to our planet's waste generation. The Sh-Mop™ is the original, classic terry cloth mop and can now be called the most copied, but not equaled, 8"x15" mop in the world.

Companies that have tried to duplicate our design include: Armstrong™, O-Cedar™, Quickie™, Ecko™, Wilen™, Bona™, Basic Coatings™, Absolute Coatings™, Woodpecker™, Clorox™, and Casabella™. Because leadership is measured by the quality of those that follow, we owe these companies a sincere thank you for their endorsement.  The newer disposable style flat mops are just a miniature variation of the original concept.          

The original prototype mop was created using the wooden seat from the family rope swing simply wrapped with a terry cloth towel. Some designs come from the most unexpected sources as the seat measured the magical size of 8"x15". The size and width of this mop keeps it from tipping over and helps give you a better clean.

Since 1987, we have been providing people with a better clean. We even have an Amazon™ five-star rating!

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WARNING:  the Sh-Mop swivel base is made using ABS plastice resin which may contain detectable amounts of chemical(s) that are listing in the California Proposition 65 List of Chemicals which have been indentified as chemicals that may cause Cancer and Reproductive harm.   www.P65warnings.ca.gov